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Friday, 14 June 2013

The disease is a dying economy: the cure is local government

#UNDC13 Whilst the coalition have presided over the deepest cuts ever to local authorities, progressive economists have argued for economic stimulus and the need to create resilient local economies. In an excellent new report commissioned by UNISON from the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) these arguments are given extra weight by a detailed analysis of the impact of cuts in local areas. The report also provides an expansive analysis of how local authorities can themselves be used as a force for economic growth rather than simply a vehicle to pass on the cuts. The report will be discussed at a conference fringe meeting on Monday lunchtime:

Whilst branches have faced a tsunami of redundancies, restructures and service cuts this report is a very welcome positive step in not just spelling out the arguments, that there are alternatives, but in providing a practical nudge to local councils to do things differently and focus on the intrinsic value of public services to local economies. This report throws down a challenge to those who would argue that there are no alternatives and exposes the Pickles and Osborne myth that local government can cope with further cuts.

Anna Rose