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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

NHS residential care under threat in Northern Ireland

Public opposition in Northern Ireland to plans to privatise NHS residential homes has led to a temporary reprieve, with the Health Minister Edwin Poots MLA delaying the Government’s 'transforming your care' proposals which would have closed 18 NHS care homes:

UNISON regional secretary Patricia McKeown has condemned the proposals and the 'political scramble for cover as a result of public outrage over the closure of our NHS residential homes is sickening. Minister Poots passes the blame to Trusts. The First and Deputy First Ministers back Poots’ privatisation plans and blame the Health Department. Compton passes the buck back to Poots and MLAs point the finger at Trusts.

'The decision to withdraw from NHS residential care provision means that someone is making a profit. UNISON is asking: Who is in charge of this government? Who is influencing its decisions to privatise health and social care? Who is profiting from these decisions? For how much longer can we tolerate government ministers and senior health officials withholding the truth or telling outright lies?’