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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Council Tax freeze 'benefits the wealthy'

The main pitch of Prime Minister David Cameron ahead of today's local elections in England's shire counties, was to stress that more Conservative run councils had taken advantage of Whitehall subsidies to freeze council tax in the past three years than councils controlled by other parties. This populist appeal to self interest is echoed by Scotland's governing Scottish National Party. UNISON Scotland has published important research demonstrating the socially regressive and unfair impact of a council tax freeze at a time of massive central government cuts:

'It is clear the Council Tax freeze is costing public services - and those who rely on them most - very dearly indeed.. people on modest incomes are having to pay far more for costs like their rent, school meals for their kids, and charges for care in daycentres for their vulnerable relatives - and still services are being cut back. Meanwhile those in the leafier suburbs benefit most from the unfair Council Tax freeze. It is not socially just or fair.It is much fairer for everyone to pay a small amount extra in tax than have big increases in charges that bear no relation to ability to pay for services' said Dave Watson of UNISON Scotland.