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Monday 8 April 2013

Lest we forget...

- The Milk Snatcher
- The Falklands War
- A Decade of vicious Anti trade Union Legislation
   . Interference in ballots
   . End of the Closed Shop
   . End of Secondary action
   . Wages Councils wound up
-Privatisation of Water

-Privatisation of Electricity
-Privatisation of Gas
-Privatisation of Telecoms
-Destruction of British Manufacturing Industry
-Destruction of the Steel Industry
-Believing that our miners were the enemy within
-Using the police as a political force against workers
-Destruction of the coal mining industry
-Destruction of mining communities
-Riots in Brixton Toxteth and Moss-side
-Destruction of Council housing
-The Hillsborough Disaster and the demonization of those who died
-The Poll tax
-Deregulation of Financial Markets
-Three Million unemployed
-Support for Apartheid
-Slavish Devotion to US Policy
-Cruise Missiles on UK Soil

Jane Carolan