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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Pickles launches attack on union facility time

At the Tory Party Conference in October, class warrior Eric Pickles MP declared his intent to attack union rights in English local government: "I am delighted to announce today in relatively short time we will be offering advice to local authorities both in terms of trade union time and check-off. I want to retain the independence of trades unions and therefore it is massively important that they pay for things themselves." As Conservative politicians tend to do when in Government, Pickles has quickly delivered on his anti union agenda.

The DCLG yesterday published advice to local authorities commending a 'private sector approach to unions and cut spending on facility time' including unpaid time off and restrictions on the use of office space and facilities – including printing equipment – for union representatives.

No matter that this conflicts with the Acas Code of Practice on time off for trade union duties and activities. UNISON activists, particularly in Tory led Councils, be warned and get ready to dig in to defend your union rights!