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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Walmart Victimises Union Strikers

Walmart is one of the biggest companies on the world, if it was a country it would have the 25th biggest economy in the world with 2.2 million workers. It is a giant and is exporting American labour practices around the world - De unionization, casualisation, low wages and the destruction of local alternatives. For every 2 jobs it creates it destroys 2.8 in the local economy according to labour researchers. For public service workers it gives us a terrible glimpse of the future.

The latest event in the campaign by US unions to fight the company was the enormously successful strike held on November on so called ' Black Friday'. This was followed by an International Day if Protest around the world by Wal Mart workers.

Now Wal Mart is trying to single out activists. Two stores at the centre of the strike have walked out, both located in the Southern States where anti union laws are particularly strong.
Please visit the workers web site and sign their petition