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Monday, 18 February 2013

Lies, damned lies and the ramblings of a North Wales shopkeeper

The attempt of Iceland food retailer CEO Malcolm Walker to deflect the market failings of the meat processing and retail industries onto local Council services would be laughable if it wasn't so serious. Walker, apparently the only person oblivious to mounting evidence of large scale organised crime in the European meat industry and systemic failings of regulation, points the finger at the public sector:
'If we're going to blame somebody let's start with local authorities, because there's a whole side to this industry which is invisible - that's the catering industry. Schools, hospitals - it's massive business for cheap food and local authorities award contracts based purely on one thing - price'

A Local Authorities Caterers Association spokeswoman was quick to rebut Walker's ridiculous attempt to deflect blame onto hard pressed Councils: 'Local authorities across the country have been totally supportive of driving food standards up in schools over the last few years.' She highlighted the existence of 'stringent procurement policies and procedures for sourcing and ensuring quality control of food products for school menus. With monitoring and control tighter than ever before, quality of food served in schools has risen, not fallen'

Last word on this farce must go to Sir Merrick Cockell, Tory chairman of the LGA, who said of Walker: 'I hope he knows more about what's actually going on in retailing than he clearly does in contracting and local government' http://www.sustainweb.org/sos/