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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Lewisham Rally: Thanks from hospital staff

Conroy Lawrence, UNISON Assistant Lewisham Hospital Branch secretary, has thanked the 25,000 who turned out yesterday to protest at closure plans. "This has been an historic demonstration with of over 25,000, representing a total cross section of our community. Surely this cannot be ignored by this Government - a Government who said in their manifesto they would ensure no forced closure of A&E Departments".

"On behalf of Lewisham Hospital staff we would like to thank those that turnout to support us from the bottom of our hearts and we prledge ourselves to continue to fight this undemocratic and dangerous attempt to close Lewisham A&E Department for as long as it should take"

Mike Davey, Nurse and Lewisham Hospital Branch Secretary, said: "If they can get away with closing Lewisham Hospital A&E, not because it is "failing", not on "clincial grounds" but to bail out a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) deal in another hospital, they can effectively close any A&E department in the country"

"David Cameron once threatened a bare knuckle fight over Hospital A&E closures, but where is he now ?"