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Thursday, 20 December 2012

There must be 50 ways to save your council...

Well it’s not quite as tuneful as Paul Simon's ‘50 ways to leave your lover’ but bless his rather large cotton socks Eric is trying so hard to be popular he has delved deep down to the lowest common denominator amongst the blue rinse brigade – and yes you have guessed it – he has once again attacked the trade unions under the guise of 50 ways to save your council.

Mr Pickles, or rather Mr In-a-Pickle, thinks the 28% plus cuts in council funding can be addressed by... ..wait for it... cutting trade union facility time and charging for TU subs to be deducted at source. Ground-breaking stuff Eric! That will really address the demographic time bombs in social care and housing. Enjoy the read.

And now you have got that tune in your head here are the genuine lyrics. You never know if life in 2013 gets less serious we may run a UNISONActive competition for alternative lyrics that will please Eric:

Anna Rose