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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

PSI must fight for quality public services - Dave Prentis

#PSICongress2012 Introducing the PSI Programme of Action for 2013-2017 yesterday, Dave Prentis said: 'Our goal is to achieve Social Justice through Trade Union Rights and Quality Public Services. It is a plan for us to work together – smarter, faster and more effectively – to achieve a more just, more equal and more civil society in every nation. Our job as trade unionists is to lead – to give inspiration and hope that by working together we can create just, equitable and civil societies'

'Our Programme of Action insists that it’s time for the financiers and corporate profiteers to pay their fair share of taxes. We must have a financial transactions tax to support quality public services, equal opportunities for all, and real action on climate change. We must stop the endless tax giveaways to corporations. We must close their tax havens.'

'We must convince governments to act in the public interest – and if we can’t change the government’s policies then we must change the government. Every time governments cut wages, jobs, pensions and social services, everyone’s standard of living goes down. We must fight for decent jobs, with decent wages. We must fight for strong and independent trade unions. We must fight for quality public services.'