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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

UNISON political fund a 'model example' of transparency

#lab12 A report by the Unlock Democracy pressure group has held up the UNISON political fund - which provides members with the the option to be a member of a General Political Fund, a Labour Affiliated Political Fund, both or none at all, as a model example of transparency:

However, the report's criticism of other union's (Government regulated) political fund arrangements is without substance. The Unite website promotes trade union affiliation to the Labour Party as a means of protecting the party from the 'two political 'extremes' of the ultra-New Labour 'Islington Set' and the hard-left of the trade union movement'

And if it's so difficult to opt out of Unite's affiliate political fund why have a staggering 363,649 done so (compared to 14,143 opt outs in UNISON) according to the Certification Officer's latest annual report?