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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Suffolk police petition at Burston as Crow calls for cuts strike

UNISON Suffolk police branch members took their petition against cuts and privatisation to the Burston Strike School Rally on Sunday as over 1,000 gathered at the annual event celebrating the longest-running strike in British history. The RMT's Bob Crow told the rally "It's 98 years since Burston yet the same attacks are taking place now. We should be doing what the Spanish workers have done and the Greek workers have done and have a general strike."

The event in the Norfolk village of Burston commemorates the strike school set up after Kitty and Tom Higdon were sacked from the village school for their socialist and trade union views in 1914.

Their pupils walked out in support and with the backing of parents and trade unionists the Higdons opened the strike school to educate local children which ran until 1939.