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Monday, 17 September 2012

Hope Not Hate Glasgow Founding Meeting 20 Sept

Get along to the STUC on 20 September at 7pm to join with UNISON, the GMB, STUC, Show Racism the Red Card and a range of other organisations and activists to launch a Greater Glasgow Hope Not Hate Group.

A flyer for the event being held at the STUC building at 333 Woodlands Road (http://www.unison-scotland.org.uk/antiracism/HNHglasgow.pdf ) says "Hope Not Hate challenges hate and organised intolerance within society. We mobilise communities by providing a positive alternative to the politics of hate. We believe in localised campaigning, working within communities where the organised racists are attracting their support.

Speakers include:-
Richard Leonard; GMB Scotland Political Officer
Councillor Bill Butler; Greater Pollok Ward
Vicky Burns; Show Racism the Red Card
Muzaffar Hussain; Vice Chair STUC Black Workers Committee
Hope Not Hate Representative

UNISON Scottish Secretary Mike Kirby is included in a long list of sponsors for the event which includes MSPs, councillors and Show Racism the Red Card.

The flyer says: "We try to build relationships, give confidence to those who dislike racism and empower communities to provide a more positive alternative to the politics of despair. We both challenge the myths and lies put out by the BNP and their ilk and also positively mobilise those people who are opposed to racism.

"We are not aligned to any political party and will work with everyone where possible. Come along to the founding meeting of the Greater Glasgow Hope Not Hate Group; have your say and play your part in opposing racism within our communities."