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Saturday, 29 September 2012

General Malpractice by Minnie Stacey

We’re definite, refined and filthy rich
from servants digging ditches in their health,
lulls desperate for dreams and where we pitch
our advertising, hacking in with stealth.
Our pixelated teeth pick at their eyes
With ciphers, zero content irrigation,
like proxy Draculas our charm belies
the cybernetics of our intimation.
A population bitten by abuse
Is cannon fodder in financial war,
re-branding theft we con them out of use,
thus bringing forward funerals for the poor.
     Mind-numbing on demand is what they crave,
     mud sticks and covers up an early grave.

General Malpractice is a Shakespearean Sonnet by Minnie Stacey