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Sunday, 26 August 2012

In the times of the Phoenix by Carlos Reyes-Manzo

In the presence of hope the royal birds are planetary
they are time space and future
in the imagination of freedom

Darkness closes the doors of the sun
since then we have been living in the desert

And without waiting I walk without waiting
they say that everything is in waiting

And without waiting I cannot sleep waiting for the dawns
until the next day arrives
knocking at my windows
with the lights of the phoenix

And waiting for your presence
the royal birds appear in a forest of birds on fire

Do not repeat the myth
that the beasts of the white temple
dance for freedom

Just in this place the royal birds die
and who kills them for trophies?
And who can wait
for five hundred years for one day of freedom?

I open the doors of time
and find luggage and words dancing on the books of Babylon