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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Colombia tribute: 'Kenny Bell lives and is with us!'

A year ago today we mourned the death of Kenny Bell. In Colombia, they marked the event with an inspirational commemoration that shows the remarkable impact Kenny had as an activist, and also the political importance of International Solidarity. In this moving and inspiring video the event pays tribute to “… a man who believed in the women sugar cane cutters, who believed in the women of Triana, who believed in the women of Madres por la Vida, who was in the indigenous reserves and walked with us, …. Kenny Bell lives and is with us!” http://youtu.be/GGI619krwu8

Opening the event, the speaker says: “Kenny isn’t here with us today physically but wherever he is he is accompanying us in spirit.... So everyone hand in hand, everyone singing together, all of us making possible the search for truth, justice and reparation, we are going to open this event which is named after Kenny Bell”.