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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Union Militancy - A slight recovery?

The Left Futures web site includes an article on the slight rise last year in the number of working days lost to strike action - a familiar measurement of worker militancy. The article observes that 1.4 million days were lost in the last year (over 1 million of them during the Pensions Day of Action on November 30th 2011) which is a significant increase on the previous year of 150,000 days lost.

To put it into context 26 million days were lost during the Miners strike 1984 -85 so it isn't being postulated that suddenly 'militancy is back'. However may be the curve is able to go back up? We have the 'Future That Works' demonstration of October 20th to organise for. All over the country workers are being confronted with cuts, closures and redundancies whilst banks carry on as though nothing can touch them or confront them.

Agitation is a key part of organising strategies and unions generally show a spike in recruitment when theare taking action. With 1.3 million members we still have a window of opportunity where funds and membership are able to sustain a national, regional and branch level organising drive. With targeted organising reflecting the workforce issues the union can grow as we assert our strength in order to defend members jobs and the community services we provide.