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Saturday, 7 July 2012

The child and her diary by Laila Yaghi

She wrote in her diary every night
When bullets passed by her window… she wrote
When Israeli soldiers killed her mother she wrote
She wrote of the horrors she sees
And the nightmares of flames and destruction
She the Palestinian child
Writes in her diary every night
To ease her enormous pain
To sedate her fears and nightmares

That little Palestinian child
Had died while writing in bed
From Israelis bulldozing her home
And now she lies in her tomb
Forgotten…as if she never existed
But her diary will carry on
The suffering of every Palestinian child
And now on her tomb Israeli children play
And sing with no worries of tomorrow
Where she once lived is confiscated
What are left from her family are refugees

And we continue to support Israel
With 10 million dollars a day!
And we continue to say
All humans are created equal

But continue to send to Israel
10 million dollars a day!