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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Barriers by Mark Griffiths

untouchable subtlety of the market reef,
privatising divisible areas,
cartographer of economic fortresses,
excluding swathes from within, without, ghettoisation,
ultimate discriminator,
terminator, victimising wholesale,
placed, labelled rotten, disenfranchised
in consumption shanties,
introspective demolition,
the subsidisers.

inconspicuous around guarded gates,
conspicuous grandeur securely restricted,
access not a freedom,
right to exclude the unwritten constitution,
fortified in layers,
class; real class.
the unseen subsidising,
an un-noteworthy exclusion zone,
massive security cone,
scouring enclaves.

raised to stay low,
away from our idols,
the idle.