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Sunday, 22 July 2012

26 Arrests As Liverpool Faces Down The EDL

Around 300 demonstrators defied the threats of violence and abuse from the far right to march through Liverpool. Led by the James Larkin Flute Band (who had also led the 20,000 strong march in Liverpool on the day of the National Pensions Strike on November 30th last year) the marchers were surrounded by a heavy police presence after the EDL and a scattering of other far right groups had vowed to stop the march.

Billy Hayes, the Liverpool born CWU General Secretary, spoke to the rally. He congratulated the marchers and gave a moving account of the life of James Larkin, recalling how British workers had given solidarity to the Irish working class in the 1913 Lockout in Dublin. He compared that with the message of the far right, of hatred and division, of violence and an end to democracy.

Local press reported 26 arrests. EDL members had tried to block the march and then attacked it along the route, spitting at people and shouting threats of violence, but there was no retaliation and the police dealt with these actions swiftly.

Hope Not Hate reports from the march can be read here: