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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A living wage for Liverpool

The independent Liverpool Fairness Commission presented its report to Liverpool's new Mayor Joe Anderson yesterday. The Commission was not the usual suspects and included our own Frank Hont the former Regional Secretary of UNISON North West:

Chaired by the well respected Claire Dove (Chief Executive, Blackburne House and Chair of Social Enterprise UK) the Commission makes practical recommendations to stimulate growth and develop the skills and potential of the young people of the city. At the core of the report is a recommendation that is both emblematic and practical - a living wage for Liverpool.

This is realistic ideal signifies the Commission's vision for a city that affirms the integrity and value of all its citizens and places human values and fairness at the heart of the city's economic, political and civic life.

The report recognises the critical importance of education and skills to our young people and lays down a challenge to all sectors of the community to "come together" for a better future for the city.

At the launch of the report Mayor Anderson pledged his support for the living wage for Liverpool and encouraged the Commissioners to monitor progress on their recommendations. He agreed to host a seminar in 12 months to discuss progress.

Speaking at the launch Frank Hont said
" The Commissioners came from several different sectors - business,academia,health,social enterprise and the trade union movement - and we have worked together over the past twelve months to produce practical recommendations which we believe provide a platform for a fairer society. The work starts now and we are committed to seeing these recommendations delivered."

Referring to the Liverpool Schools Parliament , which met to give its views on "fairness" , Frank said how impressed he was by the definition from the 10 year old pupils from New Park Primary School in Kensington - "Fairness is when you are treated properly, equally and when you are given a chance. When you are treated the same as everyone else regardless of who you are and where you are from."