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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Message to Tory Right Wing - Go Boil Your Heads

In an act of collective indiscipline by Tory right wingers and mavericks, the ConservativeHome website is hosting a series of alternative policy ideas, an "Alternative Queen's Speech". Naturally, the reactionary prospectus includes a Union Members’ Bill – which calls for strike ballots to be unlawful unless turnout exceeds 50% and for an end to political levy payments based on union affiliation to the Labour Party.

Never mind that election of union leaders, strikes and union political funds are all decided by secret postal ballots of individual union members under strict legal conditions.

Our right to strike and our right to a political voice are clear targets for the Tory right wing not content with UK labour laws already being the most restrictive in the western world and who will never be satisfied until trade unions are obliterated in this country.