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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Regional Pay: the only way is down - Lansley

#uHealth2012 The Observer reports on the Department of Health’s submission to the NHS pay review body in support of regional pay - "Current rates of pay in the NHS do vary geographically, but significantly less so than the pay of comparable staff in the private sector. The introduction of more sensitive market-facing pay would therefore enable more efficient and effective use of NHS funds." What this means in wages terms can be seen by looking at a recent LRD analysis of the realities of regional pay variations between the public and private sectors of the UK economy: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2012/apr/22/andrew-lansley-pay-nhs-staff

% difference% difference
Hourly (£)Weekly (£)
North East31.0%23.5%
Public sector15.31472.90
Private sector11.69383.00
North West24.1%15.1%
Public sector15.54475.50
Private sector12.52413.10
Yorkshire and The Humber25.8%13.1%
Public sector15.31458.40
Private sector12.17405.30
East Midlands24.9%11.9%
Public sector15.48465.70
Private sector12.39416.10
West Midlands24.0%9.4%
Public sector15.60459.50
Private sector12.58420.20
Public sector15.72464.60
Private sector13.45446.90
Public sector20.45669.80
Private sector21.18721.70
South East5.0%-6.2%
Public sector16.00475.20
Private sector15.24506.40
South West26.5%15.7%
Public sector15.81466.80
Private sector12.50403.60
Wales /Cymru32.2%26.1%
Public sector14.86463.00
Private sector11.24367.10
Public sector15.89491.60
Private sector13.06431.70