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Friday, 20 April 2012

Loadsamoney City barbarians attack transport workers

Those that damage millions through reckless speculation condemn the transport workers of London when claiming that “City workers are set to face an unprecedented week of continuous travel after London Underground employees announced they would go to work like normal people”. We thought they came to work in Porsches?  http://squaremile.com/speakeasy/10575/London-Underground-Announces-Day-Of-Work.html

The poor taste and anti-working class mentality of web journalists pandering to City self interests are epitomized by the following supposedly humorous comment: “Our members have delivered a massive mandate for action after getting bored of sitting around getting drunk and watching television,” said union boss, Bob Thug (salary + benefits: £480,000 p.a.).

Every 5 seconds, or so, someone starves to death here on good ol' Planet Earth. $700 billion would feed the hungry and put in place sustainable programs that would reduce suffering for generations to come. Yet $trillions has been spent on propping up the people who caused the latest financial crisis that continues to rumble on.

When Bankers are down on their luck and their own mismanagement and greed has forced it to beg from the public purse, the powers that hold the purse strings are ready with a bailout. But when a heartless global banking system, natural disasters exacerbated by climate change, and greedy fuel and commodities brokers gang up to force nearly a billion people into malnourishment and starvation, the cupboard's bare.

Well, there ain't any $trillion bailouts available to alleviate the massive real life'n'death suffering that goes beyond job losses and bath-taking on the stock market.

To attack the hardworking London Transport workers and their trade union just demonstrates that the barbarians are still uncivilised.