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Monday, 12 March 2012

Con Dem ‘private sector led’ economic recovery is not happening

The Independent on Sunday yesterday reported that ‘public sector job losses are not being matched by new work in private firms.’

The South West is among the worst affected, with the 6,000 private sector jobs created there in the year to December outnumbered by the 37,000 posts lost in the public sector.

In London, 28,000 public sector job losses were almost double the 15,000 private sector jobs created. The West Midlands lost 5,000 private sector jobs in addition to 27,000 public sector ones, mostly cut from local government. Osborne and the Cabinet, wedded to a deflationary austerity programme, are struggling for any ideas to reverse this trend.

Unemployment now stands at 8.4% and the graph is still on an upwards curve: