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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Che Guevara Once Said by Arif Viqar

With one stroke
We will change the realities
Of the materialistic world
After the revolution
We will rebuild
This shattered world
One of these days
We will die for this world
From each death
Thousand revolutionaries
Will be born in this world
Free world will emerge
From many a revolutions
In different parts of this world
Many a men will die
For the cause of freedom
In different parts of this world
Like a storm we will batter the walls
Of this materialistic world
Like the flowers we will embrace
The thorns of this revolutionary world
Like a desert that waits for the rain
We will wait
For freedom in this world
Who knows if we will meet again
Comrades free like this
In this world
The next day he died
Fighting for freedom in this world