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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

UNISON to consult members on NHS Pension Scheme proposals

UNISON's health care Service Group Executive (SGE) voted decisively to put the NHS Pension Scheme Heads of Agreement to the membership. By a margin of 5 to 1 the SGE rejected calls to throw out the agreement and take immediate and sustained industrial action.

The debate, lasting nearly 3 hours was punctuated by misinformation and posturing from a small core of ultra leftists. Despite the grandstanding only five people voted to reject the agreement and some of those openly defied their regional position. The committee agreed to hold a special SGE in early February to consider the final offer and decide whether to make any recommendation in the membership ballot. It was agreed that full details including a comprehensive explanation of the proposals including how it will affect members will be prepared to go with the ballot.

The SGE recognises that our industrial action mandate remains alive. Branches will need to continue to discuss the campaign with members and prepare for action should the government renege on the proposals or the members reject the offer.