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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Rise and Share by Thobile Maso

I am a human being and demoralised
I do things not because I like to
I do things because I have to
I am separated from the soil and the tools

Chased away from the land, Law and Labour
Capitalism, you are a monster
I am Universal Soldier, Combatant for Universal Mission

Rise and Share, Rise and Share

Workers let me talk to your being
Workers let me penetrate the essence of your being
Workers let me provoke your social being

Rise and Share, Rise and Share

You have nothing to lose except the chains of oppression and exploitation
Mountains of truth, mountains of realities
Oh milestone of Marx, Engels and Lenin

Rise and Share, Rise and Share

No more dancing around the truth
No more throws of blames around
Why camouflaging of laws?
Why the shadowing boxing?

Rise and Share, Rise and Share

Who ever come across them?
The Whole world was in thunderous joy
They know where the plight of the world is going to end
Workers seize the moment
Decaying egg shell is bursting asunder

(This poem is dedicated to the late Chris Hani and Joe Slovo)