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Friday, 2 September 2011

Welcome to the new NH$

UNISON has released a new video warning of the threat to the NHS from the government's Health and Social Care Bill, which returns to Parliament next week. Watch the film on Youtube here: http://youtu.be/wSy3zbavGFs

It makes the point that plans for more private providers, while lifting the cap on the number of private patients NHS hospitals can treat, will mean a two-tier health service where people with the money to pay can jump the queue as NHS trusts facing cuts are tempted to put cash ahead of medical need.

UNISON's launch of the video comes at the start of the "Big NHS Weekend" which will see campaigning activities up and down the country to highlight the threat faced by the health service and to put pressure on MPs before they vote on the Health and Social Care Bill next week.

Take part by writing to your MP at http://action.unison.org.uk/page/speakout/nhs---write-to-your-mp

And please share the video: http://youtu.be/wSy3zbavGFs