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Friday, 15 July 2011

Aberdeenshire Trade Unions Pension Rally

Speaking at the North East Pensions Rally on yesterday in Aberdeen, UNISON Scottish Secretary, Mike Kirby said that pension scheme members face a "double, double whammy."

Not only will our pensions go down by 15% with pension increases being pegged to the lower Consumer Price Index from the Retail Price Index; not only will our pension age go up from 65 to 68; not only will we have to pay 50% more in contributions; but that money won't even go into our pension schemes but will go straight into the treasury.

"This is purely a pension tax to pay back the bankers," said Mike. "The government's strategy is clear. They want us to pay more, work longer and get less when we retire."

Trade unionists from across the public sector joined with retired members at the rally to condemn this Government's attack on public service pensions and to pledge action to protect our pensions.

For a full report see the UNISON Aberdeenshire website at http://www.aberdeenshireunison.com/pensions/pensionsmeetingjuly11.html