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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Review of SCAM a play by James Douglas

#uNDC11 To celebrate Conference coming to Manchester, UNISON NorthWest Region commissioned a performance of a new play by James Douglas. James and UNISON have collaborated in other ventures over the years and his new play was eagerly awaited.

Set in 1953 Italy, as the country was attempting to throw off thes hackles of tyranny imposed by Mussolini and his fascist rule. An artificial limb clinic is grappling with the emerging new order.

Rampant capitalism and ingrained corruption are the watch word. Although set in a particular time, there are some nice references to events in today’s world, including the policies of our own coalition government, such as, lying politicians, the need for competition and patient choice.

The multi talented actors perform with gusto and deliver some nicely nuanced one liners. It is always good to see political agitprop theatre delivering the critique of the capitalist system through performance. It is also fitting that the play is staged in the Mechanics Institute where the TUC was born. The show will also be performed again at 6.30PM tonight (Thursday) and delegates can enjoy a good night’s free entertainment in the iconic birth place of the modern trade union movement. Tickets available from NW regional delegates.