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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Jowell and Miliband a disgrace

The spectacular avoidance by Francis Maude to answer legitimate questions on this morning's BBC news about MPs' pensions was only matched by the equally appalling spectacle of Tessa Jowell following close on the heels of Ed Miliband to condemn today's strikers in the absence of facts.

Not one Labour Minister or MP has yet made the point effectively that the Con Dem Government has ripped up the agreement made in 2006 with public sector unions on future cost sharing arrangements. Instead Jowell made a pathetic attempt to justify the absence of reforms on MPs' pensions by saying it was an issue for separate negotiations.

An elitist, lecturing approach to justify the them and us mentality that is utterly corrosive to the Labour Party. Nothing short of mass resignations from the party to bring Miliband and Jowell to account should be our response. They can't continue to take our Funds and then treat us with such contempt.

Anna Rose