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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New single: Freedom for Palestine

Dave Randall recently visited the West Bank with War on Want and what he saw there convinced him that it is time for musicians to stand up for Palestine - so along with a host of other musicians he has released a solidarity song.

Dave says, "As a child growing up in Britain, the struggle against apartheid in South Africa seemed a long way away. But it felt closer when I heard the song 'Free Nelson Mandela'. Apartheid in South Africa has fallen, but something similar remains in Palestine.

"So I invited some of my bandmates from Faithless to join members of the London Community Gospel Choir, the Durban Gospel Choir and musicians from around the world to release a song in solidarity with Palestine".

You can watch the music video and find out how to pre-order your copy here.

"If we get ‘Freedom for Palestine’ into the UK charts, we'll be sending a message to politicians that the oppression of the Palestinian people and the Occupation must end. But this will only happen with your support. I hope you will not only buy the single but get involved in the campaign in the coming weeks", said Dave.

"Together we can make history in 2011".