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Monday, 25 April 2011

The dogs bark but the caravan moves on

Inevitably, in a union the size of UNISON there will be issues which require the union to take disciplinary action against individuals who blatantly breach the union Rules.

Typically, this may involve cases of serious financial irregularities or harassment which require the union to expel a member. Such conduct is intolerable and should not be defended by any progressive.

This should not be confused with employment issues where UNISON is not accountable for the behaviour of an employer not least where an individual member excludes the union from representing her or his interests.

In such circumstances the outcome of litigation is of no significance to the union.

Any Individual, no matter how self promoting, who place themselves outside of union organisation forfeit the right to seek solidarity from union members.

Meanwhile the union at local, regional and national level will continue to mobilise its resources to defend members' job security, pay and pensions.

The dogs bark but the caravan moves on.