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Monday, 21 March 2011

Party Funding Review - end game in sight

Since July 2010 the Committee on Standards in Public Life has beenholding an inquiry into the old chestnut of party political financeand there appears to be some slippage in the timing of its finalreport - having moved from from 'spring' to 'late spring' in mandarinspeak: http://www.public-standards.org.uk/OurWork/Party_Political_Finance.html 

On 15 February the Committee held the final in a series of publichearings and the transcript is now available: http://www.public-standards.org.uk/Library/15022011___Uncorrected_Transcript.pdf  It's well worth a read for the trenchant views of RMT Genera lSecretary Bob Crow and for the attempts of Committee members to hook in (Lord) Ray Collins the outgoing General Secretary of the LabourParty.

Labour affiliated unions made only a collective submission through theTrade Union & Labour Party Liaison Organisation (TULO)which can be readhere: http://www.public-standards.org.uk/Library/Party_Funding___E22___TULO.pdf   

UNISON Active will provide a full analysis of the implications of theCommittee's report upon publication. For more background read: http://unisonactive.blogspot.com/2010/12/party-funding-sidelining-of-labours.html