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Thursday, 14 October 2010

UNISON veterans gear up to fight cuts‏

Yesterday UNISON’s retired members conference in Southport gave a real taste of the anxiety, fears and anger about the Con Dem government’s plans to rip apart our public services. But there was also determination on display about the need to organise and spread the union’s campaign to defend public services.
An emergency motion called it right, applauding the TUC’s decision to co-ordinate the anti-cuts campaign, also stating the need to “get across the message that these cuts are clearly based on political and not economic imperatives”. Delegates heard of the need to get that message across to their friends and families, and also to take the time to speak to any working members who were still under the illusion that there was no alternative.

Dave Prentis sent a warmly-received message of support to the conference, calling on all delegates to get involved in the lobbying and local events being held on 19 October, and to support the National Pensioners Convention rally and lobby on 27 October.

The wide-ranging agenda addressed key issues including pensions, means-tested benefits, transport, care, health, and council tax. Virtually every contribution alluded to the current and anticipated impact of government policies on the quality of life of retired and older people.

Delegates left conference with a clear objective – getting involved in their branches and regions to get active in the campaign to defend public services.

If anyone thinks our retired members are going to simply sit back and accept the attacks on the services that are so essential to their lives, they are not reckoning on the potential of “Grey Power”.