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Thursday, 21 October 2010

North East united against Con Dem onslaught‏

Over 300 people in the North East sent a loud message to the Coalition Government tonight. At a rally organised by the Northern Public Services Alliance the North East sent the message that we are united as trade unions, public sector workers, private sector workers and community groups that we will not sit back and accept the most severe attacks on public services, and the welfare state since the second world war. This is a reigon which understands better than most the impact of Thatcher's policies which destroyed the mines, destroyed our manufacturing base and just did not care a jot about the working people of this region.

To see all the trade unions in the region united in sending a message that we will stand shoulder to shoulder to fight these ideological attacks on the most vulnerable in our communities was fantastic. People coming together to say we will challenge these dracononian policies all the way showed the best of the trade union movement. Trade unions leading the fight, and building alliances across the region to bring people together to stand up for their communities.

The cuts announced today are predicted to result in up to 60,000 jobs being lost in this region. A region which already has the highest level of child poverty in the UK outside of London, a region which has a high level of public sector employment, and some of the most vulnerable communities. That is why the Northern Public Services Alliance is so critical bringing together trade unions, voluntary sector groups, community groups and politicans to promote an alternative economic plan, and to challenge these cuts.

Today was not the first time we have come together and it most certainly will not the last. The Northern Public Services Alliance is growing from strength to strength. As Kenny Bell, UNISON Deputy Regional Convenor said 'these cuts will hurt ordinary people the most, there are already hundreds of public sector workers worried about their jobs, worried about their families and their children's future. Today we stand together to show the majority will not take this lying down, we are ready in this Region to fight, and fight we will. We are fighting for our future'.

The Northern Public Services Alliance has already agreed future campaign activities, and all its local coalitions are ready to mobilise across the region.

The North East's message to Cameron, Osborne and Clegg is you have underestimated the majority of people in this county, and certainly in the North East, we will fight you every step of the way

Clare Williams