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Thursday, 31 December 2009

All bets off as March General Election speculation gains ground‏

After 13 years waiting to take power Gordon Brown will lead New Labour into an election after thirteen years in Government. Will he be lucky? All money seems to indicate that he fancies his best chance is on March 25th.

The reason is simple. It means Labour can put off the Budget until after polling day – a move that would make it easier for the Government to attack Boy George's record as Shadow Chancellor, and how, rightly or wrongly, he has positioned the Conservatives on the wrong side of the economic argument. It would mean Labour can be vague about the scale of the public sector cuts that they would have to implement after the election. Brown believes the economy will get a boost from Christmas temporary employment/spending which will show the UK (just) coming out of recession.

The first quarter figures will therefore be a bit upbeat and the re-imposition of 17.5% VAT won't have fed through into the system. And with British Summer Time about to begin we can all feel just that little bit better about ourselves. March certainly looks like a good bet if only the bookies hadn't now stopped taking money on it!