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Monday, 23 November 2009

Uncovering the truth about Tory plans on Council Funding‏

This blog has reported on the devastating cuts being announced across the country here, here and here. The most savage cuts have been at Tory controlled councils, especially where they have take the decision to freeze council tax. This is a financially irresponsible decision, as in a recession, vulnerable members of our communities need their council services more not less. And this needs to be paid for.

Some excellent work by National Officer, Pete Challis has uncovered an inconsistency with national Tory party policy in the way that some Tory councils are budgeting. In short, national Tory policy is is that if councils freeze council tax an incoming Tory government will give an increase in the central government grant equivalent to a 2.5 per cent increase in council tax. But many Tory councils are not including this in their financial plans and are therefore projecting a bigger budget shortfall than may actually exist.

Either the Tories nationally have done a u-turn on this policy, or some councils are not budgeting properly. The East Midlands region has written to David Cameron asking him to clarify position - you can see their letter here.