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Monday, 6 July 2015

Greece votes for democracy

Yesterday’s referendum in Greece on the terms of the bailout offered by the European Union offered a decisive answer to those seeking to continue with the route to austerity. By a margin of 62% to 38%, the Greek people voted no, on any terms a decisive result.

Most commentators had prophesied that the referendum would reveal a deep split in Greek society between those voting for continued affiliation to the EU and those rejecting the terms imposed by the IMF and the EU. This split did not materialise.

Instead, the result shows that the self defeating austerity proposals that were being imposed, that would continue to impoverish the working people of Greece through slashing public expenditure are unacceptable to the majority of the Greek people.

They rejected the propaganda that has flowed out of Berlin and Paris, designed to discredit the Syriza government under Alexis Tsipras, preferring to reflect their own experience of five years of decreasing living standards and soaring unemployment.

They rejected the blackmail tactics and scaremongering of the unelected ECB and IMF and backed instead their own left wing government.

The fight against continuing permanent austerity in Greece is the fight back against an economic system that devalues people in the interests of capital. It is also importantly a fight about democracy, about the ability of the democratically elected representatives of the Greek people to be able to reject the neo liberal economic model, a decision that the Greeks have now reiterated.

Whatever happens now, across Europe those whose sympathies lie with the Syriza , and with the rejection of the economics of imposed cuts and poverty must continue to offer full solidarity, and celebrate the courage of those prepared to stand up for democratic ideals and alternative economic strategies.

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