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Saturday, 13 December 2014

An Account of Despair by Volker Braun

When she entered
And set down her empty bags on my tabletops
I felt caught out in my
Missed deeds.

The evening news dripped bloodily from the screen
And the bed stood encircled
Aside in the uninhabited zone.

She approached and embraced me
At once as though she could not be wrong

And fastened shut the door
With a black twine that had no end
And took the pictures from the wall, but there was worse:
She took the pictures out of the windows

And stopped dead in their tracks
My other friends
With her voice on the breeze
Of birds torn all to pieces.

I saw there was no arguing with this woman
She is right
Like a ruling

I saw all the things she held in her hands
And rose quietly like a planet that does not belong
And vanishes from the screen.