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Friday, 28 June 2013

Local Government hardest hit by austerity cuts

Once again local government was the big loser in Wednesday’s 2015/16 Spending Review. DCLG funding grants to local councils will be reduced by £2.1 billion down to £23.5 billion, a cut of 8.2% excluding inflation. The TUC points out that as not all council spending comes from central government, this is expected to result in an overall reduction in local government spending of 2.3%

The Tory led LGA pulled no punches in outlining the consequences of the further cuts planned beyond 2015: ‘Today's 10 per cent real terms cut comes on top of the 33 per cent real terms cut already made to council budgets and confirms local government as the hardest hit part of the public sector. Local services on which people rely will have to be significantly reduced as a result. No area of spending can be totally immune and some services will be wound down entirely’