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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Dave Prentis re-elected as UNISON GS with emphatic 102,000 winning margin‏

What a way to celebrate UNISONActive's 1,000th post! After a 6 month long election campaign, Dave Prentis has been elected to serve a third term as UNISON General Secretary.

Dave received 145,351 votes ahead of his two ultra left opponents who secured 42,651 and 28,114 votes.
When first elected in 2000 Dave won 56% in a four cornered contest. 2005 saw a high water mark of 76% (even allowing for the fact that the UNISON equivalent of Lord Sutch was the SWP backed candidate on that occasion).

The 67% share of the vote in 2010 is a solid consolidation of support for his leadership following a difficult period during which the union was confronted with a privatising New Labour Government, pension attacks, unprecedented equal pay litigation and pay restraint in local government.
The strength of Dave’s mandate compares favourably with those of his recently elected General Secretary peers in PCS (63%) and Unite (38%). He is well placed to take UNISON forward - in partnership with the union’s elected lay leadership - in the coming battles in defence of jobs and services.